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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by...I last updated this site on 13 May 2007.

I've posted a new version of my SB68K user's manual; you can find the updated manual here.  This is a .pdf version of the original document, reformatted into Word.  Mike Lozano sent me a version he had created from my original text document.  I did a little more reformatting to get what you see here.  Thanks, Mike, for the work you did; it looks great!

This site contains lots of embedded control and robotics projects that I've developed over the years.  Many were featured in past articles in Nuts & Volts magazine, and in my book, Build Your Own Robot!  Others were projects that I've shown at various meetings of the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS).  And I offer here many powerful tools that I've created for working with the Motorola 68hc11 and 68hc12 microcontrollers.

Here are links to areas of interest on my web site --

Here is a picture of me, taken by one of my robots when I wasn't looking. (36K)

You can contact me via email at: karllunt (at-sign) seanet (dot) com   (Spam really sucks!)

Karl Lunt