My SBasic compiler

I developed SBasic (SB) several years ago to simplify the writing of 68hc11 assembly language programs.  I got tired of using assembly because it took so many lines of code to do even the simplest tasks.  I could have switched to C, but I thought Basic might appeal to more people.  I wanted a tool that would let beginners write robot code using a language that was more "friendly" than C or assembly.  Since no one had developed a version of 68hc11 Basic that I liked, I wrote my own.

The SB distribution file contains the compiler, a suite of support library routines, a 60+ page user's manual, and an assortment of sample programs.  SB creates assembly language source code for either the 68hc11 or 68hc12 microcontrollers.  After you compile your program with SB, you need to run the appropriate assembler to generate the final .s19 object file.  The distribution file contains a 68hc11 assembler.  If you need a 68hc12 assembler, stop by my assemblers page.  Download SBasic for the PC (this is a ZIPped file).

Current version is 2.7.  This version fixes a bug that appeared when you used a GOSUB statement with a variable as the target of the GOSUB.  The compiler generated a wrong label for the variable involved.  The resulting .asc file might assemble properly but refer to the wrong variable, or it might generate assembler errors.

I later converted SBasic so it generates code for the 68xxx family of processors; I call this version SBasic68k, or just SB68k.

The current version of SB68k is 3.4, released 8 April 2001.  This release fixes another bug in the comparison code. (Bug reported by Doug Kelly of the SRS.)

SB68k provides 32-bit variables, two-dimension arrays, byte-wide roll and shift operators, and other enhancements over its 68hc11 cousin.  The SB68k distribution file contains the compiler, a suite of support library routines, and a 60+ page user's manual.  This file also contains the companion as32 FREEWARE assembler, used to generate the proper .s37 output file.  Download SBasic68k for the PC (this is a ZIPped file).

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