My page of assemblers

Here are some assemblers that I've built/found over the years.  These are mostly of interest to those using the Motorola 68hc11 and 68hc12 microcontrollers.

asmhc11 is my standard 68hc11 assembler, developed years ago by Motorola.  It is a PC-based cross-assembler; I include it in my SBasic and tiny4th distribution files.  You can also find it on the Motorola FREEWARE web page. Download asmhc11 (this is a ZIPped file).

as12 is my standard 68hc12 assembler, which I built (with minor tweaks) from source code graciously provided by Motorola.  It is a PC-based cross-assembler; you will need to download this assembler if you want to create 68hc12 code with either SBasic or tiny4th.  Download as12 (this is a ZIPped file).

I've released version 1.3 of the assembler.  This version implements two new pseudo-ops.  The #nolist op turns listing off if you have a listing file active (using the -L command line option).  The #list op turns listing back on if you have a listing file active.

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