My favorite 68hc11 and robotics Internet sites

Here are some of my favorite Internet sites, in no particular order:

Welcome to New Micros Inc
The Web page for New Micros, Inc., maker of great 68hc11 (and other) single-board computers.

Motorola FTP site
The Motorola FREEWARE BBS, disguised as an Internet FTP site. Lots of software and tools for the 68hc11 and other Motorola MCUs.

Intel MCU tools and info
The Intel FTP site, filled with goodies for 8051 (and other) development.

The Seattle Robotics Society Encoder newsletter Web site
The club's on-line newsletter.  We try to keep it filled with interesting bits.

P.A.R.T.S (Portland Area Robotics Society) Web site
Marvin Green maintains this collection of cool robot sources and Web links.

Robot Science and Technology
A great 'ezine on robotics. The first issue (Oct 1996) has a how-to article on building air-powered robotic muscles.

Software Development Systems
These guys make a dynamite 68K development suite, and they give away a working version with enough tools to keep most hobbyists happy. Their "crippled" demo can generate up to 100K of linkable, relocatable code.  Plus, their toolset includes a utility for generating listings with absolute addresses and a program for splitting .S19 object files among any number of different memory devices.  A must-have for anyone doing 68K work on a shoestring budget!

Westcoast Computer Parts
An excellent source for just about any hard drives.  Good prices and fast delivery.

Timeline, Inc.
I've found many a cool piece of surplus gear from Timeline, and mentioned them in more than one article.  Good assortment of surplus electronics and computer gear.

Marc Blakely
Marc maintains FNOS, a superb DOS utility for doing nearly any TCP/IP activity, including FTP, PPP, NNTP, POP3, and other Internet operations.  I rate version 1.7b of FNOS as "must have," and appreciate Marc's support and efforts on this project.  You can download a copy of FNOS from Marc's web page.

A. K. Peters, Ltd.
A. K. Peters published the landmark book, Mobile Robots, by Joe Jones and Anita Flynn.  They will also publish my book, Building Your Own Robots, due out in September 1999.  They have an excellent selection of high-end books on mathematics, robotics, and other engineering topics.

Microchip, makers of the PICs
Microchip sells the very popular PIC microcontrollers, great for building small, cheap embedded controller projects.  Their site is filled with tools, including the MPASM assembler.  You can also get tons of working assembly language source files. Way cool!

Waferscale, makers of the PSD8xx chips
WSI sells some of the neatest chips for adding memory and resources to your microcontroller projects.  The PSD813F1, for example, contains 128K of flash, 32K of EEPROM, 2K of RAM, 20-some I/O lines, and a bunch of programmable logic.  Check their web site for data sheets and development tools.

Resources Unlimited
RU offers a weird collection of scientific and technical gadgets, and I've ordered some excellent items from them.  Their delivery is a bit leisurely, but I have a serious crush on the Australian lady who takes phone orders.  :-)

Free Software Foundation; 68hc11 GNU C compiler
This is the distribution site for the 68hc11/12 GNU C compiler toolset.  Originally ported to the 68hc11/12 by Stephane Carrez, this is a superb toolset for doing embedded work on the 68hc11 or 68hc12.

GNU-compatible make utility
You can download a GNU-compatible make utility for Windows from this site.  You will need such a utility to use the GNU C compiler described above.

Technological Arts (
Tech Arts sells some excellent 68hc11 and 68hc12 development hardware, and their site is filled with valuable information and links to help you in your embedded designs.

68hc11/12 GNU C listserver
An excellent resource for 68hc11 and 68hc12 C developers.  Includes discussions on installing and using the GNU C toolset on all platforms.  Stephane Carrez, developor of the 68hc11/12 ports, is an active contributor.

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