Z180 Forth system

I'm releasing my version of Brad Rodriguez' Camel Forth for the Z180 MCU.  This is a directly-threaded Forth, built from an ANSI core set.  Brad's original work was modified and released by Douglas Beattie, Jr.; my released version is derived from Douglas' work.

Camel Forth for the Z80 originally ran on the CP/M operating system, and relied on that OS for services such as terminal I/O and file support.  I've stripped out related words and replaced them with words suitable for use in embedded systems and robotics.  This is now a standalone system that should make a great robotics platform; the executable file is only 7300 bytes or so.

During development, I tested my code on a Z180 controller board made by the company I work for and sold for purposes other than robotics.  This board contains 256K of battery-backed RAM and a 27c256 for program storage, plus a real-time clock (RTC), 4x20 LCD, eight-key keypad, and a watchdog timer.  Naturally, this version of Camel Forth includes support for these features, and uses the Z180 banking system to manage access to the battery-backed RAM.  If you need to remove any of these features for your use, feel free.

I've left all comments regarding copyright and usage intact from the previous developers, and will add my own disclaimer.  I'm releasing this version of Camel Forth for non-commercial use only.  If you want to use this for a commercial product, contact Brad Rodriguez and talk to him.

Release history--

Version 1.32   19 Sep 2000    Initial release.  Supports the LCD, keypad, RTC, and watchdog timer on my development board.

Download the source files  (31K)  This .zip file contains all of the source files needed to build my release of Camel Forth for the Z180.

Download the ZMASM assembler  (410K)  This self-expanding .exe file contains the Zilog ZMASM assembler for DOS, necessary for building Camel Forth.  This is an awesome macro assembler/linker system.