My tiny4th compiler

I developed tiny4th (t4) some years ago, as an exercise to see how much code I could pack into the 2K of code space in a 68hc811e2 chip.  t4 is a p-code interpreter system consisting of a PC-based cross-compiler and a 68hc11-resident run-time engine.  The run-time engine takes up less than 1K of code space and the p-codes are so dense that you can get a lot of robot functionality in just 2K.

If you understand the Forth language and want to try writing small, powerful programs in this subset of Forth, give t4 a try. The distribution file contains the cross-compiler, the 68hc11 assembly language source code for the run-time engine, and a large user's manual.

The cross-compiler generates assembly language source code from your t4 source file.  You must then use an assembler, such as asmhc11 (included in the distribution file) to create the final .s19 object file.  Note that t4 can generate code for the 68hc12, as well.  To create a 68hc12 object file, you will need my Motorola as12 assembler, available on my assemblers page.

Download tiny4th for the PC (this is a ZIPped file).

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