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Motorola's pcbug11 utility has been a staple of 68hc11 robot builders for years.  However, Motorola has arguably the worst web site in the 'net; not only does it mutate often, but vital robot tools come and go without warning.

So I've posted a copy of pcbug11 version 3.42 here for your convenience.  You can also find pcbug11a, my modified version of pcbug11 for use on faster PCs.  Note, however, that this modified version will still crap out somewhere around 250+ MHz.

The whole speed issue stems from the Borland Pascal compiler's run-time package (pcbug11 was written in Borland Pascal).  The run-time package tries to determine the host processor's speed with a counting loop, but anything over about 200 MHz runs so fast that the calculation following the counting loop creates a divide by zero error.  According to my sources within Motorola, the author of pcbug11 won't fix the program and won't release the source so others can fix it.  

The simplest fix is just to get a cheap DOS box, say a 486-100, and use that for your download station.  Of course, if you want to use the fancy Windows tools available for some of the compilers, you have another problem...

Download pcbug342.exe (139 KB); this is a self-extracting archive file.

Download (80 KB); this is a .zip file.  NOTE:  You must first download and expand pcbug342.exe before you can use pcbug11a!  pcbug11a is simply a modified executable; to use it, you must have all of the other pcbug11 support files from pcbug342.exe above.

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