My x10dos home robotic project

Here is the C source code and an executable version of my x10dos program.  This program gives you command-line control over your X10 units.  To use this program, you need a DOS box with a free COM port, an X10 Firecracker RF module, and a suitable X10 RF receiver module.  Full details are available in the magazine article I published in the May 2001 issue of Nuts & Volts.

For those wanting to tinker with the C code ... I wrote it using the Borland 4.52 C/C++ compiler.  This program is derived from the original program named cm17a.c, posted to the web by Adam Briggs.  This code also uses a C file called fasttimr.c, derived from a program called uclock.c, written by Bob Stout and in turn derived from an earlier program by Kris Heidenstrom (      This is a ZIPped file; use pkunzip to expand it (34K).

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