My PIC macro page

I wrote a suite of assembly-language macros for use with the Microchip MPASM assembler.  I don't like writing PIC assembly language because of the twisted test-and-skip instructions, but I won't pay bucks for a C compiler and I don't intend to create an SBasic for the PIC.  This macro library is my second-best choice.  For more details on using this library, see the July 1999 issue of Nuts & Volts magazine.

The library creates an assortment of structured programming elements, such as FOR-NEXT, SELECT-CASE, REPEAT-UNTIL, and REPEAT-ALWAYS.  You can nest those elements to nearly any depth, and eliminate the need to manage a bunch of labels and goto instructions.  The library also contains macros suited to use in the embedded control world, such as POLL-ENDPOLL, WAITWHILE, and WAITUNTIL.

Download my PIC macro library (this is a ZIPped file).

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