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I often mention previous articles when 
describing some of my projects. The 
following index lists major items of 
interest in previous columns.

October 1992   First column; philosophy; 
sources for parts and tools; 
introduction to 8051 MCU; Suncoast 
Technologies 8051 single-board computer; 
introduction to BAS051 8051 BASIC 

November 1992   Adding A/D and RAM to 
the 8051 single-board computer; A/D 
connector wiring; two-channel DC motor 
driver; +5 VDC power supply using 7805 
regulator; selecting motors for a line-
following robot.

December 1992   Tooter, an 8051-based 
line-following robot; frame 
construction; wheel selection; 
controlling electrical noise from 
motors; change to motor controller 
board; building the sensor pod; light 

January 1993   An 8051-based Robo-Pet; 
bumper switches; pulse-width modulation.

February 1993   Starting an 8051-based 
Sumo robot; rules; designing a belt 
drive system; ideas for a frame; 
problems burning an EPROM for the 8051 
board; Robix Robotics Construction Set.

March 1993   More Sumo robot; starting 
the base; 567 used as IR object 

April 1993   More Sumo robot; LED 
dropping resistors; mounting the drive 
wheels; front casters; review of 1992 
All-Japan Sumo Tournament.

May 1993   Windup of Sumo series; Radio 
Shack IR detector module; 567 tone 
decoder; 556 tone generator; LM317 
voltage regulator.

June 1993   Review of "Mobile Robots" 
book; parts list for basic 68hc11 robot 
computer; introduction to 68hc11 MCU; 
source for PCBUG11 manual.

July 1993   Schematic for basic 68hc11 
robot computer; pinout of 68hc11 PLCC 
socket; schematic for RS-232 converter; 
modifying hobby R/C servo motors; using 

August 1993   Huey, a 68hc11-based Robo-
Pet; frame construction; mounting hobby 
R/C motors; mounting R/C control horns 
on the wheels; using the Radio Shack IR 
detector module; sources for the 

September 1993   Review of the CGN 1001 
68hc11 MCU module; the Rapid Deployment 
Maze (RDM); construction of switch 
boxes; building the power unit; RDM 
rules; making a 68hc11-based RDM robot; 
building the ping-pong ball grabber; 
sources for the software.

October 1993   Muscle wires; report on 
Robothon Northwest; description of 
several robots at the contest; 
subsumption architecture.

November 1993   Review of the CGN 1101 
68hc11 MCU module; using a 68hc11 MCU in 
expanded mode; the 68hc11 reset problem; 
introduction to Forth.

December 1993   Introduction to tiny4th; 
tokenizing compilers; using tiny4th; 
renewable alkaline batteries; sidebar on 
lithium batteries.

January 1994   Using IR LEDs; the IR 
Robo-Tool; review of Marvin Green's 

February 1994   Controlling small DC 
gearhead motors; the TSC4427 MOSFET H-
bridge IC; BOTBoard mods; first look at 
the Pacific Science Center robot 

March 1994   1994 MIT Lego Robot Design 
contest (6.270).

April 1994   Detailed look at all facets 
of the Pacific Science Center robots.

May 1994   Gel-cell batteries; a simple 
gel-cell charger; getting more voltage 
from a Radio Shack supply; playing with 
the Hallmark talking cards; using SMD 
LEDs for show-bots.

June 1994   Discussion of the 68hc11 SPI 
subsystem; using the 74hc595 IC with the 
SPI; connecting a liquid-crystal display 
(LCD) to the SPI; version 2.1 of 
tiny4th; mods to Pacific Science Center 
circuits from April 1994 column.

July 1994   Expanding your 68hc11 
system; designing chip-select and write-
enable circuits; adding an 82c55 I/O 
chip; making static RAM non-volatile; 
turning on the external busses from 
PCBUG11; the Philips DS-750 design kit.

August 1994   Review of Network 
Cybernetics AI CD-ROM; review of Step 
Motor Design Handbook, by Leenhouts; 
tiny4th and the SCI.

September 1994   4th GEAR, the SRS' 
robot campout; designing elements of a 
large robot motor base; Panasonic's 
Sunceram II solar cells; Marvin Green's 
small robot kit; the ant as robot; 
building a large robot base.

October 1994   More details on Max, the 
large robot; adding a second platform to 
Max; PWM in assembly language and 
tiny4th; a review of TopDraw, a Windows-
based drawing package.

November 1994   Decoding the pulse train 
of a surplus TV remote control; the B-
BOT robot frame kit; foam tape; the 
Mobile Robots Rug Warrior kit.

December 1994   Timeline's surplus 9600-
baud spread-spectrum RF modem; putting a 
modem into two different chassis; adding 
an RS-232 level shifter; adding a wall-
wart power supply; determining antenna 

January 1995   Adding a third platform 
to Max; adding a miniature video camera; 
modifying the Gemini Rabbit video 
system; using the Maxim MAX642 switching 
power supply IC; getting sample parts 
and free journals.

February 1995   CBE-1, an older robot; 
building Dancer, a new wire-frame robot; 
line-following pitfalls; the 
Leatherman's Super-Tool.

March 1995   Simple vision systems; 
building a 3-element robot eye; cheap 
development systems, based on the 
Practical Peripherals external modems; 
hacking the 8051 PP external modem.

April 1995   More hacking on the 8051 PP 
external modem; driving 74hc595 serial 
latches from an 8051; building an IR 
serial link.

May 1995   Review of Sensors for Mobile 
Robots by H.R. Everett; an introduction 
to 68hc11 SBasic.

June 1995   More on my SBasic compiler; 
a sample SBasic program; FREEWARE on the 
Web; using the Mosaic Web browser; 
hacking the 68302 PP external modem; 
review of Stanley and Krantz' 68000 
Assembly Language book.

July 1995   More hacking on the 68302 PP 
external modem; making the 68302 modem 
board battery-powered and robot-ready; 
the Tangoes brain-teaser.

August 1995   More hacking on the 68302 
PP external modem; surplus in San Diego; 
a visit to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium 
Research Institute (MBARI); deep-water 
submersible robots; review of Star Trek 
Creator by David Alexander.

September 1995   Building the Junk Box 
Switcher (JBS) power supply; testing the 
JBS; 5th GEAR; Meccano construction set; 
the Robotics Practitioner magazine.

October 1995   Building Artist, a 
drawing robot; a typical SRS meeting; 
Robo-thon '95, a club competition; 
SBasic code for Artist.

November 1995   Mounting wheels onto an 
R/C servo; eight IR beacons on a single 
board; fast-turn PCBs from Alberta 
Printed Circuits; robots Down Under; 
what language?

December 1995   Back Yard Research Drone 
(BYRD); simple relay-based motor control 

January 1996   BYRD's leash; 811bug 
monitor for downloading S19 files; 
BYRD's code in SBasic.

February 1996   Marvin Green's BOTBoard-
2; adding more memory to the BB2; e9bug 
monitor for downloading S19 files; 
Tamiya motors and gearing systems; 
Mondo-tronics' catalog.

March 1996   Encoders for hobby R/C 
servo motors; SBasic code to use servo 
motors; other approaches to adding 
encoders to servos.

April 1996   Full design of a road-rally 
style line maze; basic rules of Time-
Speed-Distance road rallies; design of 
TSD rally for robots.

May 1996   BOTBios, the ultimate PC 
robot tool; running PC .com files on a 
V25 robot board; the design of Bill 
Bailey's BOTBios; my ROMMAKER program.

June 1996   Line-following sensor board; 
why SBasic is free; Dan Mauch's simple 
wheel adapter; National Semiconductor's 
AirShare RF modem; getting started with 
SBasic and PCBUG11.

July 1996   My latest stepper motor 
robot; basics of stepper motor 
electronics; Bill Bailey's L297/L298 
chopper driver; stepper software in 

August 1996   Hacking the Ready-Set-Go 
toy truck; replacing the on-board MCU 
with a BOTBoard; full map of the RSG 
control signals; software for reading 
the keypad and controlling the motors.

September 1996   Three guys take on the 
68hc12; Motorola introduces a 68hc11 
upgrade; Kevin Ross' background debug 
mode (BDM) interface; Marvin Green's 
68hc12 PCB; building our first 68hc12 
board; getting my port of Motorola's 
as12 assembler.

October 1996   The SRS kicks robo-butt 
at the AAAI 1995 tourney; the Newton 
Research Labs' color vision system; Bill 
Bailey's M1 stepper 'bot; all the 
details of the event.

November 1996   Building a dead-
reckoning robot; National 
Semiconductor's LM2595 switcher board 
(FREE!); problems with running steppers; 
ramping steppers to solve resonance 
problems; contest variations.

December 1996   Hercules, a palm-sized 
robot; tricks to keep your robot small; 
another look at the 4427 H-bridge; a 
high-powered, 24-line SPI output port; 
MIT's Cyborg project; the WinSystems 
tiny 386SX board.

January 1997   Building the marble maze-
runner; a two-servo joint for tilting 
the maze; a sample maze layout; a 
surplus handheld serial terminal; the 
maze software in SBasic.

February 1997   World Micro-Robot Soccer 
Championship; team from SRS kicks more 
robo-butt; details on the winning 
design; the Cognachrome vision system.

March 1997   Checking out the 68hc12b32; 
details of the new MCU; a free assembler 
for the 68hc12; SBasic for the 68hc12; 
PWM on the 68hc12.

April 1997   Getting started in 
robotics; using the Internet; design of 
a small 'bot; modifying the S148 hobby 

May 1997   Getting started, part 2; the 
electronics; using pcbug11; an intro to 
SBasic; loading your code into a 68hc11; 
some sample programs.

June 1997   The art of designing 
software; writing robot code in SBasic; 
how the 68hc11 runs your code; a look at 
interrupts; a book recommendation; an 
SBasic quiz.

July 1997   The extremes of hobby 
robotics; the Photopopper; building a 
solar robot; the 1996 Robot Wars; 
gutting cassette drives for parts.

August 1997   The Mars Sojourner; a 
Mars-exploring contest; Tackle-bot; 
roboscrn, a PC robot-control program.