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Posted March 01, 1998
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The Seattle Washington Autoduel Team (SWAT) is a tabletop gaming group that has existed since the early 1990s. Its primary activity has been playing Car Wars, The Classic Board Game of Highway Combat published by Steve Jackson Games.

Members host Car Wars and other tabletop car combat games at Pacific Northwest gaming conventions including OrcaCon each January and Dragonflight each August in Bellevue, WA. Car Wars sessions are held at other times in the Puget Sound region of Washington State depending on the schedules of SWAT's members.

Resources found on this Web site include:

SWAT also runs the blog Wheels, Weapons and the Wasteland and the Twitter account Car Combat Central (@carcombat).

Please contact SWAT via e-mail for questions about the content on this Web site and gaming activities of the SWAT gaming group.

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