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Due to the addition of others peoples work to this Internet resource, I feel compelled to inform you all of High Velocity Duelling Magazine's (HVD henceforth) policy on copyrights, what you can and can't do with all the pages and information within ( This applies to all material, written and otherwise in the above site.


All material within this site remains the property of HVD and/or the authors and artists where appropriate. Readers are permitted to make hard-copies for their own use, however distribution can only be done with the express permission of both HVD and the author/artist whose work it is. Under no circumstances may any material be edited from this site, unless it is specifically permitted, or you have permission of both HVD and the author/artist. Maps and other play aids (counters, turning keys) may be enlarged and hard copies made. HVD and/or the authors/artists also hold intellectual ownership of the material within. Any questions regarding this policy or requests for use of HVD material should be addressed to James Barton (dbarton AT Finally purely because HVD is in the public domain, does not make it public property. HVD and/or the author(s) retain ownership and right to withdraw access to the material(s). If HVD has infringed on any copyrights, please notify the address above and this will be rectified as soon as possible.


The views and material contained within these sites are the sole responsibility of HVD and the author(s) in question. Steve Jackson Games or any Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are not responsible for this information. HVD is a volunteer publication (so think about this before you sue us), which relies on generosity of authors/artists to survive. Steve Jackson Games retains the copyrights to all Car Wars materials as well as intellectual ownership of the games Car Wars and published supplements. Steve Jackson Games copyrights referred to include, but are not restricted to: Midville, Boat Wars, Tank Wars, Aeroduel, Dueltrack, Truck Stop, Crash City, Deluxe Car Wars, Autoduel Quarterly (ADQ), Chassis and Crossbow and the American Autoduel Association (AADA).

James D. Barton, Ph.D.
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April 1998

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Michael P. Owen
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January 2015