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Updated 03/22/98

Spy Vs. Spy Table


a cool new random table for car wars:

Spy Actions

In Car Wars games without referees, the following tables can help resolve espionage activities.

These rules work best in a corporate campagin where each player has a limited number of team members for a duelling season.

Any character with espionage skill can attempt to spy on an opponent.

Only one spy attempt is allowed each week by each character with espionage skill.

On a mission, each spy may only carry personal equipment (typically 6 grenade equivalents).

More than one character with espionage may attempt a cooperative spy action:

Spy Action Tables

    Your spy attempts to either view the opponent's vehicle(s) or find an enemy's clone(s).
    Either way, roll once on table 1A to determine success, and once on table 1B to determine outcome.
    Modify both rolls by one for each espionage skill level above basic.

    2d Roll:
    02 = caught!
    03 = failure!

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Posted by Sir Dante, March 22, 1998
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, January 21, 2011

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