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Battletruck / Warlords of the 21st Century Opening Narration

Posted February 01, 2011
Updated March 16, 2015

After the Oil Wars . . .

Satellite measurements of the Mesopotamian Basin show that radioactivity levels remain high, and with the oil fields in Arabia still burning the world's sources of petroleum have dropped even lower, making gasoline all but unobtainable except for governmental agencies.

Food riots have continued into the third day, and martial law was declared for all of greater Detroit. Army units and the National Guard have been called in to restore order, and the Military Commander for Michigan has warned that all looters will be shot on sight.

The migration into the countryside continues, and once peaceful rural areas have become a battlefield, as roaming bands of what can only be called bandits, raid farming communities for well hidden supplies of fuel as well as food and ammunition.

The most notorious of these groups is led by the renegade Army Colonel Jacob Straker. He travels in a heavily armored vehicle and has so far eluded all attempts at capture. With most of the law enforcement agencies fully committed to the cities, it looks like his mobile reign of terror will continue for some time.

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