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A big thanks goes to Flyboy, aka Rob Deis for putting this section together.
1: Place special turn key next to each vehicle, with arrow pointing in direction of travel.

2: Drawing a line between the centers of vehicle counters, you will note that a percentage (25, 50, 75, 100, or 0) of each vehicle's speed contributed to the relative speed.

3: Multiply each car's speed by the percentage on the turn key, add if they're both on the blue side or both on the green side, subtract if one is blue and the other green. This gives the relative speed.

4: Modifier is -1 per full 15 mph of relative speed and is applied to both vehicles, so there is no need to figure it again if both cars are firing.
The Keys:


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Posted by James D. Barton, Ph.D., March 1998
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