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Welcome to the Rogue Matter (RM) Web site. RM is a set of free, completely open rules for vehicular movement. Created as a open and free project, with entirely free tools. Designed for extensibility, contributions and easy computer adaptability.

Rogue Matter, while only young, the project got really going, after about 12 months of having the idea niggling away in the background in early 2000. The first version was released on 2000-FEB-15, and after 5 smaller releases (0.11 --> 0.16).

0.21 is out, there's a bit better combat there now, in fact that is basic combat done, it's only around is HTML, TEX & DVI format. Once again postscript and text will come soon, hopefully by 0.30. This is the precursor to that release ad 0.21 includes most of the new rules. 0.22 onwards will be cleaning up and finishing off.

The creator, designer and main instigator behind RM is James `J-Man' Barton, Ph.D., a firm believer in Open Source Software and community projects. As a result this project is based on using free, downloadable tools to create a free, openly available set of rules.

As these resources are free and rely on community support, they definitely deserve credit, where credit is due. Current list of resources:

[Debian Logo]
A completely free Linux OS.

[GIMP Logo]
Graphics & Image Manipulation Programme.

[VIM Logo]
vi based text editor.

GNOME-- Open Soruce Desktop Environment.
XFREE86-- Windowing/GUI Environment.
ACIDFONTS-- Free TrueType (TTF) font resource.

Posted by James D. Barton, July 01, 2000
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, January 19, 2015
Updated January 19, 2015
Original URL: http://www.prevohc.com.au/rogue