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HVD is proud to bring to you some of the templates and images that go into the construction of each HVD issue. These are freely available for you to use copy and modify for your own purposes. However they are not available for anyone to make money with (except maybe for me).
Movement Aids:
TURNING KEY, Right side of turning key, 1" = 150 pixel.
TURNING KEY, Left side of turning key, 1" = 150 pixel.
PROTRACTOR, Boat movement protractor, 1" = 150 pixel.
ACCELERATION KEY, Hovercraft acceleration key, 1" = 150 pixel.

Map Aids:
GRID, 32" x 21", 1" = 10 pixel, no 1/4" lines.
GRID, 32" x 21", 1" = 15 pixel, with 1/4" lines.
GRID, 32" x 21", 1" = 40 pixel, with 1/4" lines & distances.
GRID, 8" x 6", 1" = 75 pixel, with 1/4" lines.
TEMPLATES, Map objects (cars, debris, etc) for 1" = 40 pixel.

Design Aids:
SCHEMATICS, Bodies, tyres, airdams, etc.
SCHEMATICS, Cycles & trikes.
SCHEMATICS, Weapons, crew, PPs, etc.
PROGRAMME, MS-Access 95, under development.

DVB Chits, Cars, peds & cycles.
I created most of these, but I'd like to thank DVB, for the DVB Chits, if anyone has anything they'd like to see up here, just send them on down.

Posted by James D. Barton, Ph.D., January 1998
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, January 30, 2008
Updated January 19, 2015
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