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(Last updated 29 October 2023)

This page replaces my long-dormant robotics web page, which has been archived here.  The robotics page contains links to my SBasic compiler, Forth compilers, and other projects, including material from my Nuts & Volts columns.

Electronics Projects
Links to pages describing some of my recent electronics projects.

Embedded Firmware Odds & Ends
Links to pages describing tools, problems or features I've discovered/used in my embedded firmware projects.

General Items
Links to diverse other subjects.

Starcraft Maps
Yeah, I play a LOT of Starcraft!  Even if the game is over a decade old, it's still one of the best.  Here are some maps I've created.  Joe, Todd, and I spend a lot of time on SC, nearly always playing as allies against the AI.  These maps have been crafted to give the AI an advantage 'cause the SC AI really isn't too bright.  Note that I am not using any souped-up AI, just the stock AI that comes with Starcraft/BroodWars.

29 Oct 09  Finally noticed that the maps hadn't been uploaded to my website.  (Doh!)  Sorry about that...

Desolation (8-player, land-based)
Bases are all in low ground and pretty cramped.  To expand, you need to move to high ground, but all the resources are in unprotected terrain.  The map is only 192x192 and the Zerg or Protoss AI expands very quickly.

Water World (8-player, air-based)
Bases are all on islands, also fairly cramped.  There are lots of islands with resources, and lots of empty islands to act as strategic control points.  Joe, Todd, and I usually play against Zerg AI on this map, and getting spun up fast enough to stay ahead of the Zerg is quite a challenge.

Dark Night (2 Terran humans against 2 Terran AI, land-based; use Map Settings)
This is a time-limited, destroy-all-buildings map.  The two Terran AI players have a large, prebuilt defense against air and land attacks.  You have to take out all buildings within 1.5 game hours (one hour wall-time).  You cannot build Battlecruisers, but there are four rescueable BCs for each human player.  Note that there are also two power generators, one on each side of the map.  If you get an SCV to your power generator, it turns on some map revealers on the AI bases.  NOTE: To win, you must destroy ALL enemy buildings PLUS the power generators!

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If you have comments on my page, you can reach me at:  karllunt<<AT>>seanet<<DOT>>com