MCT USB 2.0 to VGA Adapter
(Last modified 13 Oct 11)

I found this baby in a surplus shop and had to try it out.  Basically, you hook it into a PC's USB port and you get a VGA display that hooks cleanly into your Windows 2000, XP, or Vista desktop.

MCT USB-VGA adapter

Note that I've seen this device on the web but listed as being made by other companies.  The actual manufacturer is Magic Control Technology Corp.  MCT has a decent web site for drivers, but the bummer is the device itself doesn't have any identifying marks that match MCT's driver list.  So I took a wild guess and downloaded the drivers for the UVA200.  Turned out to be a good choice, as the adapter installed perfectly on my Windows XP SP3 installation.

To get this thing working, download and install the drivers with the adapter NOT plugged into the PC.  After the drivers install, you will be prompted to plug in the adapter.  When you do, Windows will find the adapter, load in the drivers, then prompt you to reboot the PC.  Go ahead and reboot.  After the reboot (with the adapter plugged in), Windows will do one last driver install and your new VGA display will wake up.  If you go to your desktop settings, you will see an additional monitor available.

Because the VGA monitor is running through USB, do not expect to use this adapter for gaming.  If you want to do simple web surfing or if you need a second text editing or dev screen, this adapter will work fine.

Just for grins, here is the UVA200 driver from MCT for this adapter:  Driver for MCT USB 2.0 to VGA adapter