Everything I know I learned from Talk Radio(tm)

1998 Edition

Who are these people? and Did they really say that?

January Sample:

Mike Reagan: Congenital Liar or just stupid?
Conservatism = Big Boobs

February Samples:

A hostage in his own mind
How about the Ronald Reagan National Debt?
On today's Clinton Conspiracy Hour
Hail Comrade Rush! Resolutely struggle to crush the racist war-monger fascists!
First use of the Chickenhawk argument

March Samples:

Take his children, please
Wilbur's Last Stand
Return of the Two Minute Hate

April Samples:

All Clinton-conpiracy, all the time
Limbaugh the anarchist

May Sample:

Sympathy for the devil

June Samples:

Awww, the Big Bad Congwess was so Mean to Pwesident Weagan!
Ask me a hard one


1997 Edition

December Sample:

Today's Clinton Conspiracy Hour

November Samples:

Short-term memory loss Theater
He's a girl watcher
He's (still) a girl watcher
Reverend Moon's Mouthpiece

October Samples:

Dittoheads - The Next Generation
Partners in Slime
Rhymes with "bitch"

September Samples:

Radio Road Rage
Say what you will about torture but it works
Moral bankruptcy illustrated

August Samples:

Dittoheads are morons - Limbaugh says so
Maybe Limbaugh should look up infinitesimal in that dictionary

July Samples:

Playing God (for a sucker)
The return of Wilbert
Now we know why Limbaugh's so full of shit

June Samples:

We always knew Republicans were just kidding about balancing the budget
Demagogue This!
Slave family values

May Samples:

Suffer the little children?
Portrait of the con artist as a young man
You get what you pay for

April Samples:

The Abominable Homophobe
Bill Gates, meet Horatio Alger
And it's so cold in the Arctic from the air conditioners used by the Eskimos

March Samples:

Mark Fuhrman - Martyr, or Saint?
Limbaugh - Class Warrior
Reaganomics Redux, or Math is hard!
Arms Smugglers at the White House
A Million Sweatshop Workers Can't Be Wrong

February Samples:

Don't Know Much About Science Books (or safe sex)
Be All That You Can Be - and shoot Mexicans, too!
Big Lies hit the Big Time

January Samples:

You, Sir, are no Thomas Paine
A bigger lie than Reagan's "We'll never trade arms for hostages"?
Everybody's channeling Eleanor Roosevelt
The Wisdom of Solomon?
Don't know much about history
The Incredible Flexible Statistic



1996 Edition

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