Everything I know I learned from Talk Radio(tm)

Did They Really Say That?!?

The short answer is: yes. I began taking notes about this spew pouring forth onto the nation's airwaves in 1995. I'd taken a new job that required a longer commute and idly spinning the radio dial on my way to work, I ran across KVI "Hot Talk" radio - a Seattle talk radio station.

I listened over several weeks and literally could not believe what I was hearing - the paranoid rantings of the inhabitants of a dark and sinister parallel universe - a universe where Bill and Hillary Clinton slaughtered dozens (maybe hundreds) of innocents who got in their way - a universe where the First Lady and Ross Perot teamed up to turn over the health care records of all US citizens to the United Nations - a universe where Yellowstone Park was turned into a forward deployment base for the black helicopters and blue helmets of the UN.

Over time, a pattern became apparent in the messages from this parallel universe. Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson, longtime Republican operatives in Washington State, owned the morning and evening commute times. In between, reliable Republican standbys and culture warriors like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved contributed their share of partisan lies and distortion. In the evenings, other Republican mouthpieces like Mike Reagan and Floyd Brown (he of the Willie Horton ad and the Gennifer Flowers 1-900 phone line) filled in the nighttime hours.

Eventually I felt I had to document what I was hearing and bear witness by pointing out the deliberate lies, half-truths, and distortions being broadcast across the United States.

The result is the feature you see on these web pages, "Everything I Know I Learned From Talk Radio". Every statement was actually uttered by the talk radio host cited. Since I mostly listen to talk radio while commuting (and occasionally during the evenings), the wacko statements reported here represent only a small fraction of those broadcast every single day.

Since my notes are generally taken while I am driving, quotes derived from them may not be 100% accurate. Any talk radio host who feels that they've been misrepresented or misquoted is invited to email me using the link below. I'd be glad to listen to a tape of the broadcast in question.

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