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October 1997 

Who are these people? and Did they really say that?


Dittoheads - The Next Generation
Partners in Slime
Rhymes with "bitch"




Dittoheads - The Next Generation
OCTOBER  10: A homeschooling mother calls in to Limbaugh's show and tells him that she and her children/students include a daily "Rush break" in their homeschooling regimen.  The mother also declares that she's proud to be a smoker.


Limbaugh's show is sponsored by Cold-Eze homeopathic zinc lozenges.


They called Charlie Chaplin a communist, too
OCTOBER  10: Republican talk radio host and culture warrior Michael Medved is unimpressed by Italian playwright Daniel Fo, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature yesterday.  Mr. Fo's plays are very popular, making him perhaps the most performed playwright living today, but to Medved he's nothing but an "extreme communist".
Medved's final comment on the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature is "does anyone care?"


Medved's show is sponsored by the Conservative Book Club


"Kike" is in the dictionary, too
OCTOBER 10: Republican talk radio host and culture warrior Michael Medved is trying to find out why Rush Limbaugh's comments enrage people.  He asks a female caller "what have you heard from Rush that should inspire rage rather than disagreement?"  The caller cites Limbaugh's smearing as "feminazis" the women who protested the Promise Keepers' rally.  Medved defends this use of "feminazi", saying "it's in the dictionary".  Apparently his argument is that one cannot be offended by the use of any word that happens to be in a dictionary.


Medved's show is sponsored by Hooters restaurants.


Partners in Slime
OCTOBER 16: Republican dirty trickster and talk radio host Floyd Brown has as a guest Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, a right-wing Clinton-harassing organization.  Klayman lauds Brown for his political dirty tricks (the Gennifer Flowers 1-800 phone line, the Willie Horton ad against Dukakis), saying "you paved the way for us".


English grammar was a un-favorite, too
OCTOBER 22: Republican talk radio host Kirby Wilbur informs us that "science was my most un-favorite subject."


Wilbur's show is sponsored by Shiloh Inns.


Enough censorship, already
OCTOBER 27: "Independent", i.e. not Republican, talk radio host Mike Reagan has as a guest the California state director of a national anti-pornography organization called Enough is Enough (EiE).  Reagan's guest says that it is "Pornography Awareness Week" and EiE is calling for censorship of the Internet.  Reagan's guest says EiE is "focussing primarily on the Internet" as the main conduit of pornography because  "child pornography is the most often downloaded images on the web" with 300,000 downloads of such images every day.  Reagan's guest also claims that "millions of dollars are made every day" in child pornography on the web.
Enough is Enough appears to be part of ChristCo's lobbying empire, evidenced by the fact that the president of EiE is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Pat Robertson's Regent University.
Footnote: According to EiE's definition of "broadcast indecency", it was illegal for the House of Representatives to post the Starr report on their web site.


Reagan's show is sponsored by Howard Johnsons.


Catch you on the flip-flop, Rubber Ducky
OCTOBER 29: Limbaugh's guest today is Chip Davis, leader of the Mannheim Steamroller musical group.  Limbaugh and Davis admire each other's work, so much so that Limbaugh is giving away a Mannheim Steamroller cassette with each new subscription to his newsletter.  Davis fills us in on Mannheim Steamroller's heritage: the band used to be named  "C.W. McCall" and was responsible for that hit song about CB-using truck drivers called "Convoy".


Limbaugh's show is sponsored by Correctol Laxative.


Rhymes with "bitch"
OCTOBER 30: Limbaugh plays a taped skit entitled "Behind the scenes at the White House on Halloween".  In the skit, Halloween trick-or-treaters ring the White House doorbell and Bill Clinton asks Al Gore to answer the door.  Gore asks "Why can't Hillary get the door?" and Bill answers "She's not home, she's busy tonight."
After playing the tape, Limbaugh repeats the joke for the benefit of his more dim-witted listeners: "Where's Hillary? Don't you remember, it's Halloween and Hillary is busy on Halloween!", i.e. Hillary is a witch.


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