Hi my name is Cary Tracy Pugh I live in Edmonds, Washington which is about 20 minutes north of Seattle. I live with my husband Jon, daughter Jordan, 1 cat, 4 bunnies, 2 wild dogs, 4 budgies and lots of fish. I moved to Washington state in July of 1997 after living my whole life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pleasanton to be exact.

I enjoy spending time with my family (furry and non-furry), reading mysteries, messing with my 4 aquariums, scrapbooking, typography, gardening and playing with my Macintosh.




Thumper & Misty Lola Bunny


The FifiBunny

The FoofiiBunny

My Kitties

Lt. Woof

Lt. Woof's Christmas Song

Ode to a Bad Dog


Lt. Woof & Jean-Luc

My Budgies (Coming Soon!)

My Favorite Links

Twelve Days of Bunny Christmas

Northwest Summer Day