Oh rotten dog with fur so black,

When it comes to mischief you have a knack.

You tear up my stuff, you roll in the mud

I think that is your Belgian blood.


Oh wicked dog with big dark eyes,

You've ruined the yard I once did prize.

When I scold, you take it in stride

I think that comes from the Chow side.


Oh naughty dog with the upturned tail,

Who knows what each day will unveil.

A chewed pen, some paper, a book or toy,

A million things you have destroyed.


Oh mischief maker with the happy dance,

I brought you home, I took a chance.

I trusted you and you've acted so strange,

At first you were good but then you changed.


Oh trouble maker, some days I fret,

Why can't you be a normal pet?

One who obeys my every command,

Instead of a quick witted firebrand.


Oh silly pest with the muddy paws,

Yes, you who digs, you that gnaws.

For your bad behavior there is no excuse.

You aren't a good dog--but you always amuse.


-Cary (mom to Lt. Woof)


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