If it doesn't stop raining

I think I'll go mad

The small child is bored

and the dogs are so bad.


Everyone sits by the window

and stares.

Searching for sunshine,

that just isn't there.


Outside is so gray

and it's pouring down rain

One more day like today

and we'll all go insane.


The dogs are fighting.

The small child complains,

"Why did we move to a place

where it constantly rains?"


I crate up the dogs,

for some evil deed.

Some peace and quiet

is just what I need.


My house is a mess,

and I simply don't care.

I grab a new book

and curl up in my chair.


An old friend calls and

complains of the heat.

Now I'm thinking of Santa Cruz,

and tan, sandal feet.


For just a few minutes,

I escape from the noise.

I'm seventeen at the boardwalk,

flirting with boys


That sweet, coconut smell,

sand everywhere.

A fit, tan size 5

without any cares.


But then a small voice

yanks me off of the beach.

Someone wants a snack

and her arms will not reach.


The dogs are once again barking.

The cartoons are on.

My time at the beach,

is suddenly gone.


I wish everyone could

go outside and play.

Being mom is so hard,

on a wet, summer day.





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