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The latest news: My hobby project these days is pair of apps for managing your Magic: The Gathering trading card collection on the Mac and iOS. It can keep your card counts on the desktop, iPhone and/or iPad. It's most full featured on the Mac, with the iOS version mostly a reader for your desktop data, but it's quite useful to me. I keep thinking I should publish it, but I don't know how many people would care to use it and/or pay for it.

Drop me a line if you need such an app on the Mac and/or iOS.

I'm still too lazy to organize things in any better form than nested lists.
  • First off, the reason you are probably here, my software:
  • AppleScript stuff:
  • SmartString is an AppleScript library object which does high level string manipulations, like finding substrings, replacing substrings and tokenizing strings.
  • MoreOSA 1.0 C++ source code package for running AppleScripts from your applications. It's not well commented, but it's tested and functionally robust.
  • Java stuff, which is just my Galaxy applet and my CoolString class for doing string manipulation.
  • Then some personal stuff:
  • A brief autobiography of yours truly.
  • A pictoral resume of some old business cards.
  • If you don't believe in God, what do you believe in?
    My second rant, about what I think is really going on in the universe.
  • My first pointless rant about spiritual aspects of life.
  • Finally, some links for you to follow:
  • My page of favorite links.
  • Jon's Ski Links.
  • AppleScript Resources on the Web.
  • Macintosh Links

  • Needless to say, this site is subject to change, but it doesn't change often these days. Send your suggestions and comments to me,
    Jon Pugh <> (PGP key available)

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