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The CR FAQ - Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism (CR) is a polytheistic, animistic, religious and cultural movement. It is an effort to reconstruct, through both scholarly research and experiential practice, a spiritual tradition that is true to ancient Celtic religion and relevant to our lives in the modern world. The CR FAQ was written by a diverse collective of Celtic Reconstructionist (CR) elders (including Erynn) and long-term practitioners.

The Celtic Reconstruction "Tradition" description is a joint effort by Erynn and several other folks who have been active in the Celtic Reconstructionist (CR) movement for many years. While this is not an in-depth description of either CR or Inis Glas Filidecht, it will certainly give an introductory overview of the movement. It also expresses a number of concepts that are important to filidecht, and offers a very broad reading list on many aspects of CR paganism and its various influences. For more in-depth information, please consult the CR FAQ.

Beth-Luis-Fearn Font - There are a number of ogam fonts on the web. Some fonts use a different letter order than others. The one you want for the system I use in Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom uses the order BLFSN (file name: Beth-Luis-Fearn rather than Beth-Luis-Nion). If you want to be able to read the inscriptions on this web page or use the same system I do, this is the correct font to install on your computer.

CAORANN - Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Naziism encourages openness and the sharing of information regarding people and organizations that coopt Celtic culture as a cover for racism and other isms that stand in opposition to the spirit of CR. The CAORANN web page has a number of good resource links that can help you sort through the thickets and avoid racist cover organizations.

CAORANN - Celts against oppression, racism, and neo-nazism

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