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Ritual is an important part of Filidecht. It expresses our connections with the land and with the spirits and deities that are close to us. It helps forge connections with spirit and deity and honors the ancestors of our bodies and our hearts. Daily rituals such as the nightly practice of soul shrine from the Carmina Gadelica or a purification help us to remain mindful of our place in the universe and our dependence upon the spiritual powers that surround us.

Ritual should arise organically out of our circumstances, the traditions we follow, and the study we pursue. My book Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom offers some tools for ritual and meditation and when used with the resources here, it can offer a guide along a path to creating rituals that speak to your personal needs. It's my hope that the rituals on this page will be an inspiration on your path and offer some resources for your own work, focused on the particular deities and spirits you honor in your practice.

Samhain Vigil for Tara: This ritual is a night-long fireside vigil for the Hill of Tara and a celebration of Samhain as the remembrance of ancestors and the opening of the New Year. The ritual encourages community, storytelling and feasting in the company of friends and family along with a consciousness that the Hill of Tara, one of the most sacred sites of Ireland, is still endangered by the motorway being pushed through the valley and destroying many archaeological sites for the sake of convenience. Inspired by the "We Stand for Tara" ritual by Kathryn NicDhàna and Raven nic Róisín.

Warrior Consecration Ritual: This is the ritual that was done for Arlen on August 15/16, 2008 in Everett, Washington. It is given to the CR community by its authors in the hope that it will serve others who are preparing to go into harm's way, and the communities that support them in these troubled times.

The Samhain Feast ritual is one I have been performing for the community in Seattle for many years, both publicly and in private at my own home. It's a simple ritual based on a feast for the deities and the ancestors and it can be elaborated on in any way you choose to better honor your own ancestors. Over the years I've had Christians, Buddhists, agnostics and many others in attendance and everyone has enjoyed themselves and found solace in remembering their own beloved dead. I hope it will offer comfort to you as well.

The Memorial Rite is based on the Samhain Feast ritual but is intended for performance as a wake and funerary rite for an individual who has passed on. Music and lyrics are provided for a traditional Scots Gaelic song sung by the Anamchara or soul-friend of the one who has passed. This song is called An Cronan Bais or "The Death-Croon". The lyrics have been modified from a Christian original text to reflect CR Pagan practice.

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