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Erynn's Articles

Here you'll find articles and other writings about my perceptions of spirituality, mysticism, the Gods, and other aspects of my spiritual life. It's my hope that by sharing these writings, I'll find others of like mind on the web, and that people will have a better understanding of the kinds of things I practice and teach. Your feedback and thoughts are most welcome.

Speckled Snake, Brother of Birch (PDF) Amanita Muscaria Motifs in Celtic Legends was originally published in 1997 in Shaman's Drum magazine. It has been cited in many books and publications and is now available online for the first time as a PDF. Co-authored by Erynn Rowan Laurie and Timothy White, this article discusses potential links between filidecht and the use of entheogens -- specifically Amanita muscaria -- in the corpus of Celtic literature and tradition.

The Cauldron of Poesy is an article I wrote in the mid-1990s after I did translation work on an Old Irish poem identified by that title. This article presents my first translation of the poem, without its glosses and footnotes. The poem itself is about the training of the Filidh, or early Irish ritual poets. I also discuss my thoughts on the historical context of Filidecht, connections of this poem with the early Irish Brehon law tracts, cosmological implications, and some aspects of my then-current understanding and practice of Inis Glas Filidecht, which is my own personal approach to the path. This article first appeared in Obsidian , a wonderful but now out of print journal with excellent articles on many aspects of NeoPaganism.

Goddess of the Growing Green: Airmid of Ireland is an article that hasn't seen the phosphor glow of a url in many years, since the original Nemeton website came down. This was originally published in Sagewoman magazine in issue #25. This article was written for a more Wiccan and Goddess-oriented publication that some of my other work, but I still believe it has a lot to offer for folks pursing the path of a Celtic herbalist and healer, or for those who are drawn to this Goddess.

The Truth Against the World: Ethics and Modern Celtic Paganism was written sometime around 1995. This is a slight editing of that article. It was written in response to questions about early Celtic ethics on the Nemeton email list, and developed into an article that hasn't seen print on paper. It's been archived on the web in many places over the years. When it was first written, CR's were still working through what would be an appropriate basis for modern CR ethics. This essay has served as a jumping off point for many folks who consider CR ethical discussion important, including the White Oak Druids.

Following a Celtic Path was written in the early 1990s for the Nemeton email list. It discusses nine things that I believe are essential to being a CR Pagan in the context of my earlier work on the topic.  If you're interested in a very quick nutshell view of the roots of CR, this article is a good place to start.

An Essay on Sacrifice offers some preliminary thoughts toward a theology of sacrifice in CR based on comparative mythology and modern ethical concerns. Much development remains to be done on this topic, but these were my thoughts on the Nemeton list in the early to mid-1990s.

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