Hot Asphalt Logo Sidewinder Circuit
aka: "Survival Circuit"

P. 43

Since the birth of autoduelling arenas, racing facilities have suffered near-constant neglect. The big races have always been covered, but the smaller, regional events are generally ignored. Why? Simple. Racing is considered "dull" in the eyes of today's autoduelling public. Spectators are too impatient for racing's finesse and strategy. They would rather have a stand-up slugfest where the blood runs thick and the body parts fly in every direction. They might like the occasional 200 MPH collision, but this is only a temporary fix for their bloodlust.

In 2044, as racing was being delegated to the back channels, and late night time slots, the Hot Asphalt Circuit introduced specialized racing demonstrations at the end of its regularly scheduled duelling events. Titled "Crash and Burn", it encompassed all forms of vehicles and skill levels. There's even a open time slot for experimental vehicles (Jet Power Night is an event not to miss-a good wipe out can illuminate the entire area).

The Sidewinder Circuit is not a permanent arena, but a series of modular sections bolted together. Each section is a 120 foot by 120 foot (8" x 8") piece of real estate with randomly selected obstacles placed upon them. One section could be a plain straightaway, while the next one could be a sharply curved, narrow road with mine counters and jumps. No two race tracks are ever the same. Track formats are changed daily.

The Sidewinder Circuit is open year round and moves from one HAC city to the next. Their schedule is as follows:

Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Cycle Night
Wednesday AADA Divisionals
Thursday Challenge Night
Friday Celebrity Night
Saturday Sidewinder League Night
Sunday Closed for Repairs