Hot Asphalt Logo Sidewinder Circuit: The Event

P. 44

Each event can hold up to six contestants. The track is made of eight to eighteen (2d6+6) sections connected together (sections can never overlap each other). The sections can form a simple one-way start-to-finish track, a two-way race (where racers go to the end, double back and go the opposite direction) or a continuous loop. Racers are allowed to see the track one hour before the event; however, certain events have the sections "hidden" via paper walls or drywall barriers. This often forces the racers to be cautious and slow down. Those who go fast might pull away, but they'll be the first to discover the hazards!

Unless stated otherwise, all races are a one lap event. All start and finish sections are standardized (see example A). Victory is based upon a point system. A time limit, of varying lengths, is often enforced. Those who don't finish within the time limit are disqualified.

Finish 1st 10 points
Finish 2nd 6 points
Finish 3rd 3 points
Finish 4th 1 point
Vehicular Kill 3 points
Kill Pedestrian 1 point
Destroy Building 2 points
Destroy Bunker 2 points
Jump more than 6" 1 point
Jump from ramp to ramp 1 point
Leave Track -1 point / phase

* A vehicle is deemed "off the track" when it has half its tires beyond the edge of the track (those who fly via jump jets and ramps are exempt). Remember, once outside the track, off-road penalties apply!