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Kathy Regal

P. 42

"The Vicious Vixen"
Age: 24.
Sex: Female.
Sponsor: Unknown.
Kills: 28.
Prestige: 50.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-2, Handgunner-2, Body Building-1, Mechanic-1, Streetwise-1.
Year: 2045
Duels: 25
Wins: 12
WP: .480
Clone: 2
SP: 0.920
THA: .630
CKA: 3.00
Grim Reaper Award 2043, 2044.
Voted; Most Likely to End
Up Face-Down in a Ditch
Favorite Vehicle: Dragonslayer

Dragonslayer Schematic Dragonslayer:

Compact, X-Hvy chassis, Hvy Suspension, Medium power plant with SC, four PR tires, Driver, VMG front, LFT Back, four fake Wheelguards, Sloped armor (metal/plastic): F14/0; L10/0; R10/0; B10/0; T0/3; B0/3. Accel 5; Top Speed 92.5; HC 3; Weight: 4,400 Ibs.; Cost: $8,532.

Through audacity and willpower, Kathy Regal has clawed her way into the HAC Top 10 for the first time. A few years ago, this would not have been possible. In her past, Kathy was a brutish, self-centered maniac who struck fear into the hearts of many duellists in the back streets of Tucson. Today, she's still the same brute, just more sophisticated.

Life was tough for Kathy. Tucson's never-ending neighborhood feuds provided many challenges for young people. With no places for youth to blow off steam and no jobs, street fighting became one of the few options available. When Kathy was eighteen, she had saved up enough money (through thievery and looting) to buy a used Division 20 Piranha. It was her most cherished possession. With a car came responsibilities, but also independence. Without a tear of regret, Kathy left her abusive parents and drove into the real world of danger, death, and chaos. She loved every minute of it.

Within days of leaving her family, she joined a local BLUD chapter and started a life of adventure and destruction. Kathy felt comfortable with her new BLUD friends. For once, she was where others respected her for her contributions and talents. She participated in numerous raids and gained a fearful respect from local AADA members, and even from her fellow BLUDies. During the AADA-BLUD feuds of 2042, Kathy was in the forefront of the combat, leading deep penetration raids, killing dozens of rival duellists, and causing considerable property damage. Kathy would have been arrested a long time ago, but her popularity has kept her out of harm's way. It also made her quiet a few enemies as well.

In early 2043, without warning or hint of change, Kathy mysteriously claimed to be "converted" and renounced all ties with the BLUD organization. She has since cashed in on her autoduelling skills, making a small fortune in the process. Breaking into the Top 10 listings has only whetted her appetite for future success.
Memorable Moments:

In the 2043 Arizona semi-finals, Kathy was fighting for her life against an promising rookie named Ted Greeland. With her back armor gone, Kathy did a serious of sharp turns to lose her opponent, then turned onto a collision course. After ramming, Kathy exited her vehicle, pulled out a wounded Greeland, and proceeded to beat him to death with her spiked gauntlets.

"Live fast, die young, and have a beautiful clone."