Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Arena - PR 1
Bismarck, North Dakota

P. 26

These facilities were dedicated to the president who believed in big charges and carrying a big stick. The arena sits upon an actual site where a soviet ICBM warhead impacted, but failed to explode during the Short War. The resulting carter was incorporated into the arena design. The facility is open all year.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 20' high and have 100 DP. The crater has an angle of 20 degrees and will cause a vehicle to jump. Great care must be taken or a duellist might find himself slamming against the outer wall or falling into the pit. The crater also increases or decreases a vehicle's current speed (+5 MPH down, -5 MPH up). Each arena gate has 30 DP and takes one turn to open or close.

The lower level is 30' below the upper level and is composed of concrete and asphalt. In the center is a 60' deep pit . Any vehicle falling into the pit will suffer ram damage (3d6) and is out of the event (see the falling rules on pages 34-37 in Car Wars Compendium Second Edition, Fifth Printing). Vehicles on the upper level can be targeted from the ground level only if they're 1/2" away from the crater rim. But the reverse also applies. If an upper level vehicle wishes to fire upon a vehicle on the lower level, it also must be within 1/2" from the crater rim. Targeting a vehicle's top armor is not possible due to arena height and crater slope.
Arena Map:
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial
                Arena Map - 29.5K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Challenge Night
Thursday Team Events
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Special Events
Sunday Closed

Arena Events:

Going Down The Drain: This event begins as a regular duel except that all contestants must enter the crater before the end of the fifth turn or face disqualification. After the fifth turn, the arena's boundaries will begin to shrink. Starting at the crater's outer rim, an "imaginary" boundary will begin to sink at a rate of one inch every two turns. Anyone crossing the imaginary boundary will be disqualified. The boundary will stop sinking when it contacts the lower level.