North Dakota University Arena - PR 1
Fargo, North Dakota

P. 27

Following current fads and traditions, the University of North Dakota decided to finally build its own arena facilities on a whim. This decision turned out to be a financial disaster as the college board realized they didn't have enough money to sponsor a team! The facility was eventually leased to a third party, which holds professional matches.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 10' high and have 20 DP. The long, inner walls are 10' high and have 10 DP. The short, inner walls are 15' high and have 20 DP. After an inner wall takes three breaches, it will collapse, showering both sides with a half-inch of debris and obstacles. The center obstacle is 10' high and is indestructible.

Inside the arena are twelve "dots" that represent targets. Each target is six feet off the ground, fireproof, and has 5 DP. Targets cannot be rammed; they have a target modifier of -4.
Arena Map:
North Dakota University
                Arena Map - 7.1K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Cycle Night
Thursday Amateur Night
Friday AADA Divisionals (5-20)
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Racing / Special Events

Arena Events:

Follow That Target: When the contestants enter the arena, a computer will randomly select a target (designated by the dots) at which to shoot. The designated target will stay up until it receives five points of damage (direct-fire weapons only). After the target is destroyed, the computer will randomly select a new target. Targets are worth one point, kills are worth two points. The event lasts until there is only one contestant left or when all of the targets have been destroyed.

Point Grabbing: In this event, contestants enter the arena and shoot up as many targets as possible within a twenty-second time limit. Points are assigned as follows:

     Box Targets - 2 points each

     Wall targets (inside) - 1.5 points each

     Wall targets (outside) - 1 point each

     Kill - 1/4 of your opponent's points or 3 (whichever is higher)

Any contestant can get points from any target, but only once; they can't keep shooting the same target over and over again. Kills start to become attractive when someone gets well ahead of the pack or at the end when people have accumulated a lot of points.