North Dakota Road Atlas Entry

P. 25

Wide-open spaces, sparse population, and a lack of organised justice make this an easy area to duel in. The only state-wide authority is the North Dakota Electric Authority (NDEA). The NDEA doesn't care what goes on in the countryside, as long as the power lines aren't damaged.

Motorists should take note that NDEA takes a dim view of radar jammers, bollixes, or any other ECM device which might disrupt the power lines. Open use of such gadgets will result in stiff fines or jail sentences. One final note, stealing power, and/or destroying or damaging power systems in the state is a capital offense as far as the NDEA is concerned. Violators will face an immediate death sentence.

Often called "the last bastion of civilization", Bismarck is the state capital and the only organised town between here and Billings, Montana. Only truck stops and small hamlets dot the long stretch of road between the two cities. The NDEA headquarters is located here and has a firm say in state matters. Sometimes it's difficult to tell who's in charge; Is the governor or the NDEA?

Bismarck has one minor arena, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial. Gang activity is light within the city, heavy outside.

There's heavy gang activity inside Fargo. A particularly vicious group known as the Blackout controls the western part of Fargo. It's believed that they operate from the nearby ruins of Tower City. 

The University of North Dakota has a modern, well maintained arena. The deserted runways at Hector's Field are frequently used as drag strips.