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"Lucky" Luke Bennet

P. 40

Age: 34.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Kane Motors.
Kills: 15.
Prestige: 53.
Skills: Driver-1, Gunner-1, Handgunner-1, Luck-3, Acrobatics-2.
Year: 2045
Duels: 42
Wins: 24
WP: .571
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .699
CKA: .95
Arizona Amateur Champion 2041.
Rolling Hills
Favorite Vehicle: Range Rover

Range Rover Schematic Range Rover:

Midsized, X-Hvy chassis, Hvy Suspension, Large power plant, four PR tires, Driver, two space turret with GL (rotary magazine with five impacted-fused explosive grenades and five impacted-fused thermite grenades), two linked SDs (back), six fake dischargers (2L, 2R, 1 F, and 1 B), Sloping/streamlining. Armor: F50; L50; R50; B50; T40; U25, 2 ten point wheelhubs (front tires) and 2 ten point wheelguards (back tires). Accel 5; HC 3; Top Speed 92.5; Weight: 5,760 Ibs.; Cost: $14,994.

Even though sports commentators have been announcing his downfall for years, "Lucky" Luke keeps proving them wrong. Whether by chance or divine inspiration, Luke Bennet always seems to achieve the impossible.

Bennet grew up in the ruins of Prescott, Arizona. Before his birth, his family moved into the area as squatters scraping out a living. Though it was quite dangerous, considering the nearby nuclear power plant had gone through a partial meltdown years ago, and the locals aren't too friendly to begin with, it was a survivable existence. As soon as Luke was able to walk, he accompanied his older siblings on runs through the rubble, searching for valuable items.

At age 18, Luke struck it rich. While in an upper-class suburb that was thought to have been picked clean, Luke discovered a cache of jewels and cash. It was more than enough to put his family on easy street for life. But Luke didn't want the easy life, he wanted to be free and out on his own. Taking his part of the treasure, he set off into the outside world.

The open road was kind to him. His personality attracted many friends and job offers, but he never stayed long in one place. One day, he was a courier; the next, a convoy guard for tourists. For ten years, Luke was happy, free, and uncommitted to any responsibilities except his own. He was the perfect example of a "lone wolf".

In retrospect, the duelling profession wasn't exactly on his "must-do" list. Casual violence never appealed to him, but the attention, cheers, and rewards struck an unknown emotional cord. Autoduelling was more than mere combat; it was a series of emotions, experiences, and pleasures, and Luke wanted to sample these feelings before moving onward in his life-long journey. In combat, Bennet is neither brutal or egotistical. He always honors a surrender and displays good sportsmanship. These actions in the arena have made him quite popular on the fandom circuits, but it has made him some bitter enemies on the circuit.
Memorable Moments:

During an AADA competition in Phoenix, Luke attempted an unbalanced bank shot with his grenade launcher. At first, it looked as though he missed, but fate took a turn towards the bizarre as the grenade bounced off several cars, a bunker, and a corpse before finally landing on his opponent's roof! The thermite grenade blasted through the top armor, knocking the driver unconscious.

"Just lucky I guess."