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Montel Menendez

P. 41

"Mr Clean"
Age: 28.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Mc Algae International.
Kills: 13.
Prestige: 52.
Skills: Driver-3, Gunner-1, Handgunner-3, Running-3, Languages (Spanish-4, Portugese-2), Sciences (Engineering-2, Math-2).
Year: 2045
Duels: 26
Wins: 13
WP: .500
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .650
CKA: 1.00
Regional runner-Up (Division 5) 2043.
New Mexico Division 5 Champion 2044.
Big Al
Favorite Vehicle: Micronaught

Micronaught Schematic Micronaught:

Subcompact, X-Hvy chassis, Light suspension, Small power plant with PC and SC, four HD tires, Driver, MML Front, SD Back (linked to MML). Armor: F50; L30; R30; 830; T5; U5. Accel 5; Top Speed 90; HC 2; Weight: 2,760 Ibs.; Cost: $4,800.

Montel started his employment years as an unsuccessful architect in Santa Fe. He was an excellent worker, but he lacked the connections to go up the promotion ladder. Unlike many of his upper-class co-workers, Montel was from the common ranks and lacked the basic skills of bribery, boot-licking, and blackmail. When Montel's co-workers discovered this fact, they pounced on him like a piece of meat. Montel resigned shortly thereafter, due to the pressure.

Due to a scarcity of high-wage employment and by local governments who relied more on "guilds" (Mafia contracts) for building projects, Montel became unemployed and destitute. When the banks demanded repayment on his student loans, a broke Montel desperately turned towards the arena for economic salvation. His first few amateur events were marginally satisfactory, but Montel kept going. In time, his efforts were rewarded. He paid off his debts, but decided to stay on the circuit. In his opinion, he had more control over his destiny if he stayed in the arena than if he ventured into the corporate sector again.

Recently, Montel has been forming a close circle of duelling friends who have business connections. Rumors persist that Montel might be forming his own auto design company which will make custom cars to any customer specification. Montel's has also been attracting a cult following of amateur duellists and semi-pros. This hedge-podge collection meets every weekend in the ruined sections of Santa Fe.
Memorable Moments:

During the 2044 New Mexico Division 5 Championships, Montel surprised the competition with a "harmless" stream of linked junk droppers. As his opponents pursued Montel through the junk field, they soon discovered that the junk was covering up explosive spikes! Several of the competitors became tireless and went out of control. The surviving contestants lost their will to fight and became easy pickings for Montel's grenades and SMG bursts.

"Flash over substance? I think not."