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Austin Edori

P. 39

Age: 30.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Cybercorp Industries.
Kills: 16.
Prestige: 59.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-2, Handgunner-2, Body Building-7, Running-2, Theft-1, Streetwise-2.
Year: 2045
Duels: 40
Wins: 24
WP: .600
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .679
CKA: 1.29
Most Valuable Duellist 2044.
Caeser's Palace
Favorite Vehicle: Roboslayer

Roboslayer Schematic Roboslayer:

Luxury, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Large Power Plant with SC, 4 solid tires, Driver, 3 linked RLs with LGL ammo (front), IRTL w/LGL (front), 3 linked SD w/lnc ammo (1L 1R, 1 B), Sloping/Streamlining, HRSWC, Link (RLs and SDs), Weapon Timer (Linked SDs), fake discharger (rear), Armor (FP): F70; L50; R50; B60; T6; U6. Accel 5; HC 3; Top Speed 90; Weight: 6,600 Ibs.; Cost: $37,653.

Austin Edori is a perfect example of the saying, "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Edori's lemonade is a fresh difference from his bitter beginnings.

Edori grew up on the mean streets of Las Vegas. Not in the glittery, tourist pleasure centers; but the dirty, poverty stricken dreg zones. Gang membership was not so much a choice as a necessity for survival. At age seven, Edori joined his neighborhood gang and set off on a life of raiding, thievery, and violence.

Though Edori excelled at his new profession, he knew that time was against him. Sooner or later, there would a bullet with his name on it. Worse yet, he could be caught by the local government and sent to a forced labor camp. Edori decided it was time to get out while he still could. As the gang wars intensified, Edori discreetly looked for alternatives.

But where to go? The military wouldn't take him, nor the corporate sector. Just packing up and leaving wasn't very appealing either. So, like other youth his age, he signed up for the arena. He lied about his age, but the arena management didn't really care, and with a few bribes, managed to get into an Amateur Night contest. He lost horribly and ended up as a mangled street-pizza corpse on the arena floor. In most cases, this would had been the end of the story, but Edori was saved by a secret benefactor: An emerging corporation called Cybercorp Industries.

The terms were simple. Edori would be their "corporate image" and fight in AADA events all over the continent. In return, Edori got an extremely comfortable lifestyle and a new cybernetic body. After several years of service, Edori would be a free man. There was just only one problem: Cybercorp had no intentions of honoring the deal. If Edori were ever to fall in the rankings, and/or if he became too much of a problem, Cybercorp would pull the plug. Edori would end up as a pile of parts on some research lab. Since Edori has already been certified as "dead", there's nothing that the authorities can do. Edori is their property.
Memorable Moments:

At times, Edori can have a sick sense of humor. In an ad-hoc street battle, Edori's vehicle ran out of ammunition. As several bikers closed in, he ingeniously popped off his left leg and used it as a club! After one cyclist was knocked off his bike, the others broke ranks and retreated.

"It's not the years, it's the mileage."