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Johnathan Strongbear

P. 38

Age: 31.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Native American Alliance.
Kills: 19.
Prestige: 79.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-3, Handgunner-2, Cycle-2, Leadership-1, Blade (Knife)-2.
Year: 2045
Duels: 50
Wins: 31
WP: .620
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .700
CKA: 1.10
Tucson Division 20 Champion 2043, 2044.
NAA National Champion 2044.
Arizona Champion 2043.
Rolling Hills
Favorite Vehicle: Agincourt

Agincourt Schematic Agincourt:

Sedan, X-hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, large power plant, 4 solid tires, driver, 2 linked RLs (laser guided) and TL (with LGL) front, SD w/explosive spikes back. Metal armor: F13; L9; R9; B9; T10 (FP plastic); U10 (FP plastic), 2 10-pt WG back, 2 10-pt WH front, 10-pt component armor around driver, power plant, linked RLs, and TL. Accel 5; Top Speed 90; Weight: 5,999 Ibs.; Cost: $19,340.

People become duellists for many reasons. Money, power, and fame are only outside motives. If one is truthful on the matter, such words as acceptance and purpose frequently come out. Johnathan Strongbear is a man of those two words.

Early in his childhood, Strongbear wasn't such a nice person. Growing up poor and oppressed on a reservation made him bitter person. Often, he took out his frustrations on those he loved most. Alcohol and drugs became his only true companions. By the time he was sixteen, Strongbear had pushed his elder's patience to the limit. He was banished from his tribe and exiled. With a dim future ahead, Strongbear came very close to giving up on life. It was then that he found a mentor, friend, and savior that would change his life forever.

His name was Edward Little Mountain, a Native American activist and renowned writer. While out on a spiritual retreat, Little Mountain discovered Strongbear and took him under his wing. After several years of loving discipline, honest ambition, and hard work, Strongbear was able to channel his anger into more productive endeavors. He felt as though he had a mission in life. His fellow natives needed a hero. He would supply one for them.

The arena became his political forum. There he would champion the cause of Native American rights. Amateur night, the minor leagues, and the first few tournament victories were only minor milestones. His ambition beckons him to go onward and upward to regional and national fame. Strongbear has never forgotten his roots. He has made sure that his people (even the ones who exiled him) gain opportunity from his fame.
Memorable Moments:

Strongbear has a noted passion for "up close and personal" encounters (translation: ramming with extreme prejudice). During one corporate tournament, Strongbear rammed and confettied four vehicles in two days.

"Time to take out the trash."