Hot Asphalt Logo Top 10 HAC Competitors: Kurt Chen

P. 34

"The Mad Mongolian"
Age: 24.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Chen Enterprises.
Kills: 27.
Prestige: 120.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-2, Handgunner-2, Computer-1, Sciences (math)-2.
Year: 2045
Duels: 33
Wins: 25
WP: .757
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .750
CKA: 1.57
Arizona Division 20 Champion 2043.
Phoenix Division 20 Champion 2043, 2044.
Rookie of The Year 2043.
Favorite Vehicle: Firebird

Firebird Schematic Firebird:

Midsized, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Large Power Plant, 4xPR tires, Driver, 4xMG linked with Incendiary ammo (Front), 2xJD linked (Back), Link (MGs and JDs), 4 smoke dischargers (2 Left, 2 Right). FP Armor: F65; L50; R50; 840; T10; U15. Accel 5; Top Speed 92.5; HC 3; Weight: 5,760 Ibs.; Cost: $19,710.

Kurt Chen grew up a bored child. Coming from privileged family meant that his every need was met and every wish was granted. His life was already planned for him. Four years at a prestigious college; marriage to a beautiful, trophy wife; a job with Daddy's firm; lots of children; all arranged and set in stone for him. But Chen had other ideas. He had seen what had happened to his older siblings and was not impressed. In his opinion, they had sold out to a cushy lifestyle, a life with no challenges and few surprises. Chen wanted something more out of life than a nine-to-five desk job. He wanted to break out of the norm.

In a need to find his true destiny, Chen left home on a "spiritual quest". For three weeks, Chen prayed to his dead ancestors and listened to his inner forces for an answer. On the last day of his sabbatical, Chen experienced a powerful vision. He imagined himself in an auto arena being praised and cheered by hoards of benevolent followers. Sitting on top of an armed vehicle, and holding a trophy, Chen raised his hands in triumph. For a brief moment, he had become the man of the moment. Just like Andy Warhol, he was receiving his fifteen minutes of glory. Chen realized that his fate was to become an autoduellist.

Surprisingly, Chen's parents were not hostile to the idea at all. Quite frankly, they were relieved that at least one of their offspring had some backbone. With his father's blessing and financial support, Chen was tutored by the best instructors that money could buy. His body and mind were conditioned for the rigors of combat. Chen also spent countless hours in meditation and intense micro simulations. Primed and ready, Chen blazed through the amateur ranks and hasn't looked back since.
Memorable Moments:

Early in his career, Chen had crossed swords with a regional duelling celebrity named Ted Mosha. Their encounters were often personal and bloody. In the later half of the 2043 season, Mosha made several lewd jokes about Chen's family, ethnic background, and wife; Chen didn't find them very amusing. The resulting death match displayed Chen's darker side, as he blew apart Mosha's vehicle one piece at a time. First, he went for the turret followed by the tires, armor, and interior components. With his opponent vulnerable and helpless, Chen pulled out an anti-vehicular rifle and proceeded to ventilate Mosha one shot at a time. Mosha's clone has since left the duelling profession in favor of a quiet desk job in an undisclosed city.

"Go ahead and run. You'll only die tired."