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Jeffrey Amos

P. 33

"The People's Duellist" -- "The Equalizer"
Age: 29.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Marquand Co-op Association.
Kills: 30.
Prestige: 125.
Skills: Driver-3, Gunner-3, Handgunner-1, Martial Arts-2, Leadership-1, Politics-1, Espionage-1, Mechanic-3.
Year: 2045
Duels: 35
Wins: 28
WP: .800
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .755
CKA: 2.00
New Mexico Division 25 Champion 2041, 2043.
New Mexico Division 30 Champion 2042, 2044.
Santa Fe Grand Champion 2044.
Division 25 Regional Champion 2042, 2043.
Favorite Vehicle: Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Schematic Grim Reaper:

Luxury, X-Hvy chassis, Hvy suspension, 150 cid engine with turbocharger, five gallon duelling tank, four PR tires, driver, 3xRR linked (Front) with HEAT ammo, 2xSD linked (Left and Right), two extra magazines (SDs, 1 Right, 1 Back). 1 Dual Magazine (both SDs), fake discharger (Rear), SWC, sloped/streamlined armor, 2x10 pt WH (Front), 2x10 pt WG (Back). Armor: F75; L50; R50; B50; T10; U10. Accel: 5 (10); Top Speed: 70; HC 3; Weight: 6,600 Ibs.; Cost: $23,720.

Jeffrey Amos is a man with a mission. Born in squalid poverty, Amos grew up determined to make his own destiny, a destiny of self-worth, ethics, and respect. While others around him failed or gave up, Amos doubled his efforts to find the opportunity he so desperately desired. He became sort of a hermit in his teenage years as he spent his time studying and cramming for exams. His peers shunned him as an outsider, but Amos knew better. He had no time for outside distractions. Sacrifice became his middle name.

At age 23, Amos was on a steady path towards success. He finished his mechanical apprenticeship, with honors, and had several promising job offers. He married and settled down to a modest suburban lifestyle. This would had been the end of the story, if not for a certain tyrannical governor.

During one of the state patrol's "internal security sweeps", Jeffrey's father was arrested on charges of insurrection and public disorder (he and his elderly peers were caught publicly protesting the governor's new taxes on food). Without so much as a trial or appeal, Jeffrey's father vanished into an internment camp, never to be seen again. Two weeks later, Jeffrey's mother crumbled under the anguish and succumbed to a stroke. She died days later.

The whole tragedy was too much for Amos to take. To add insult to injury, Amos found himself black-listed and shunned by his employers. Destitute, Amos packed his belongings and took his family to a safer locale. He started from scratch in Deseret doing odd jobs while searching for a lucky break. After years of hard work, he and his family began to live a semi-productive life again.

Sadly, matters had grown worse for Jeffrey's family. Upon receiving news that his brothers were being harassed by the state, Jeffrey went ballistic. After leaving his family in the hands of trusted friends, Jeffrey returned to New Mexico to help his brothers. He was too late. The state security forces had swept them up as well as several cousins and blood-relatives. For the first time in his life, he was alone and helpless. For many people, this would had been the end of the story, but Jeffrey wasn't about to go down without a fight. A damned good fight.

Jeffrey never did get along with the local resistance groups. He admired their courage, but the discipline and patience required was not his style. He wanted instant justice and wanted the public to watch. That was when he decided to go into autoduelling. It was the perfect forum to mock his overseers and to rally the public. After several Amateur Night victories, his career started to pick up steam. The sponsors took notice. 

In almost every event, Jeffrey goes after the duellist(s) who have political connections. He has made it a point to embarrass the governor at any opportunity. The current rulers have tried to stop him, but their proxies keep getting defeated (and the ones that aren't dead aren't very eager to take Jeffrey on). Though the idea of a political assassination has entered their minds the possibility of a the possibility of a political backlash are too great to ignore. This doesn't mean that they are not looking for a way to eliminate him though.

Outside of the arena, Jeffrey frequently visits squalid urban centers giving his time and money to charitable causes. He shuns the tabloids in favor of direct public contact. Covertly, he is diverting some of his funds to underground resistance groups. If there is ever a serious revolt against the state government (a possibility within the near future), Jeffrey will be one of the first to rise up. Right now, he's using the Hot Asphalt Circuit as cover.
Memorable Moments:

While duelling at the Coliseum, Jeffrey's vehicle caught on fire while being chased by two tough competitors (both were the governor's personal proxy fighters). Sensing that his fuel and ammunition were about to explode, Jeffrey turned his vehicle around and headed straight for his competitors. At the last possible moment, he bailed out. His vehicle detonated a few feet away from his pursuers, blowing the two to bits. Jeffrey then strutted around the arena displaying his new battle trophies while angrily glaring at the governor.

"It's a good day to die, but for you, it's even better."