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Sue Millowski

P. 35

"The Desert Fox"
Age: 35.
Sex: Female.
Sponsor: Star Tech Industries.
Kills: 25.
Prestige: 110.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-1, Handgunner-1, Survival (Desert)-1, Languages (Spanish-2, French-1, German-1).
Year: 2045
Duels: 40
Wins: 29
WP: .725
Clone: 1
SP: 0.975
THA: .725
CKA: 1.60
Reno Division 10 Champion 2039, 2042, 2043.
Rookie of The Year 2038.
Lucky Star
Favorite Vehicle: Sandblaster

Sandblaster Schematic Sandblaster:

Compact, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Medium Power Plant with Superconductors, 4xHD tires, Driver, VMG with HD ammo (Front), 10 pts CA (driver), 4 flechette dischargers (2 Left, 2 Right), 2 bumper triggers (1 Left, 1 Right) each linked to a pair of flechette dischargers, SWC (VMG), 4 fake WH and WG. Sloped Armor (metal/plastic): F 15/0; L 11/0; R 11/0; B 11/0; T 0/6; B 0/6. Accel 5; Top Speed 92.5; HC 3; Weight: 4,440 Ibs.; Cost: $9,804.

Mrs. Millowski is a hermit when it comes to interviews. Her personal story is a hedge-podge of secondary sources and rumors.

Sue C. Millowski (known as "Millie" by her friends) was a certified Army brat. Following her father from base to base, Millowski traveled the world making friends and picking up skills. When she was eighteen, naturally she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a soldier, but a heart defect disqualified her. Emotionally Millowski was crushed.

Like many youths of her age, Millowski pondered her options. College seemed like a logical next step, but without scholarships or rich parents, that idea seemed impossible. Millowski didn't have much to go on, and her adult life looked rather dismal. Fortunately, her father's connections landed her a job with the civil service. It was menial work, but it was a start. At age 24, Millowski graduated from a local community college and married a fellow co-worker (she has since given birth to two daughters).

What brought Millowski into the world of autoduelling was a casual dare during her bachlorette party. Slightly tipsy and unable to resist a challenge, Millowski signed up and blasted her way to victory. After sobering up and counting all the prize money, she reviewed the vid-tapes of the duel and realized that an opportunistic time had arrived. Duelling was her chance to become a somebody rather than a worthless wage-slave.

Sources indicate that Millowski's marriage is going through tough times. Her husband is currently demanding that she spend more time being a loyal housewife rather than a suburban commando. Tensions have only increased since her recent death and clone activation. The children are having a tough time adjusting. Hints of divorce are starting to surface.
Memorable Moments:

In the Rolling Hills Arena, Millowski was one of several surviving duellists left in a grueling semi-final match. In a flash of inspiration, she recalled where each opponent was damaged, their weapon locations, and ammunition expenditures. With surgical skill, she picked them off in methodical fashion. This all occurred within four seconds.

"Life's a bitch and so am I!"