Hot Asphalt Logo Vandin Dueltrack - PR 1.25
Reno, Nevada

P. 26

The Vandin Dueltrack is a private club owned and operated by Jack Snelling, a retired business executive with plenty of time and money on his hands. Snelling was offered the property by the city council at a reduced rate, and with generous tax incentives, in the hopes of promoting tourism. The weekdays are booked for local events, which keeps the "little guys" happy. The weekends hold regional, national, and international events.
Arena Notes:

The track is a standard concrete surface. The inner circles have D1 and D2 banks.
Arena Map:
Vandin Dueltrack Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Time Trials
Wednesday AADA Divisions 5-30
Thursday Time Trials
Friday Time Trials
Saturday Regional Events
Sunday National / International Events

Arena Special Events:

None. The Vandin Dueltrack only runs a standard schedule of events.