Hot Asphalt Logo Harolds Arena - PR 1.5
Reno, Nevada

P. 27

The Harolds is a excellent place to break into the duelling profession. The arena management tends to shy away from high level professional matches in favor of a lighter, gentler, family-oriented programs. Family-feud matches and Father-Son/Mother-Daughter leagues are very popular.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 60 feet high and 100 DP. The ramps are angled at 14 degrees and are indestructible. The tunnel-bridges (which connect the second-level platforms) are 15 feet high and have 35 DP. Three breaches will cause them to collapse. The tunnel-ramps are 10 feet high and have 30 DP. Two breaches will cause them to collapse. Anyone caught under a falling tunnel will receive 3d6 damage to their top and a D3 hazard. If two tunnel-ramps collapse it will cause the third level to fall (6d6 damage to top armor and a D6 hazard). The second level is 15 feet high. The third level is 30 feet high. Vehicles can drive underneath the third level and all tunnels. All arena gates have 40 DP and take one second to open or close.
Arena Map:
Harolds Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday AADA Divisionals
Friday Challenge Night
Saturday Special Events / VIP
Sunday Family Night

Arena Special Events:

King of the Hill: This event has the contestants battling each other on the first level for the first ten seconds, on the second level for the next ten, and on the third level until there is a winner. Contestants have two seconds to go up to the next level. Anyone not being on the correct level, at the correct time, will be disqualified. Tunnel-ramps are considered to be part of the third level, tunnel-bridges are considered to be on the second level. Dropped weapons are only allowed on the first two levels, and are forbidden in the tunnels or 1 inch around the tunnel ends. Unless there some early kills, it's going to get very crowded on the top.

There are two variants to this event. One variant requires the contestants to move up a level only when a certain amount of competitors are eliminated. The other has the contestants going up to the third level, then back down to the first level. The process is continued until there is a winner.