Hot Asphalt Logo Silverado Arena - PR 1
Carson City, Nevada

P. 28

Due to the city's "overlord" type government, the Silverado is one of the few places where common folk can express themselves. Popular events include the David vs. Goliath matches, Gladiator Days, and Trial-by-Combat spectacles. Though not as bloodthirsty as some HAC arenas, Carson fans love a good fight and will treat their heroes like quasi-deities. But being a "god" demands a high price. Consider yourself forewarned.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 30 feet high and 60 DP. The inner obstacles are 10 feet high and 20 DP. The side tunnels can be accessed by two outer gates and by six inner gates. All gates have 40 DP and take one phase to open/close.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Silverado is its shifting center section. The arena itself is divided three parts; one lower section and two upper sections (shaded). The center section can be moved up or down at a rate of 7.5 feet per second. The center section may move in a set pattern or randomly. 

In a typical duel, the center section starts 15 feet (1") below the two outer sections. When the center section moves, it is at a rate of 1/2" per turn. The lower section moves up, the outer sections stay the same. When the center section is 15 feet above the outer sections, the process reverses itself.

Connecting the three sections are two flexible ramps. The ramps' angles are determined by the height of the three sections. Each foot of difference between the levels translates into one degree of angle for the ramps. For example: the center section is 15 feet above the outer sections which translates into angled ramps of 15 degrees.

Please remember that at 15 degrees, jumping is possible.
Arena Map:
Silverado Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Corporate Cup
Wednesday David Vs. Goliath
Thursday Trial by Combat
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Special Events / VIP
Sunday Challenge Night

Arena Special Events:

David Vs. Goliath: This event has a mix of high Division vehicles up against numerous lower Division cars (a 2-1 or 3-1 advantage in money). It's frequently turns into a contest of brute firepower versus teamwork, skill, and lots of luck.