Hot Asphalt Logo Lucky Star Arena - PR 1.5
Reno, Nevada

P. 25

Years before the arena was built, the area had been condemned as a toxic dump. No respectable business would touch the place. Enter Mile Cunningham, a shady salesman with a sixth-sense for profit. With the promise of hefty tax breaks, Mile bought the property wholesale and built a series of shopping malls, car dealerships, and, very recently, an autoduelling complex.

Rumors are beginning to circulate that the "toxic waste dump" was nothing more than a hoax. If true, then Mile Cunningham has pulled off a devious con by buying some of the most expensive real estate for a pittance (and all of it virtually tax free!). Everyone from the city council to Mile himself is keeping a tight lip on the subject.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 10 feet high and 70 DP. The inner walls, gates, and sliding doors are 10 feet high and 20 DP. The twenty-four sliding doors in the center of the arena move in an up and down direction. In the beginning of every third turn, two doors per side (roll 2d6, re-roll doubles) will slide down forming an opening. In the next three turn cycle, the previous doors will slide up (unless selected again) and four new pairs will be relied. Anyone over a door when it slides up will take 2d6 damage to the underbody and a D6 hazard (heavy-duty shock absorbers will not work in this case). Once a door is destroyed, it will not be replaced until the next event.
Arena Map:
Lucky Star Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Challenge Night
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday "Pot Luck"
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Family Feud

Arena Special Events:

Racing: In this event, competitors must complete five circular laps around the arena floor. The center obstacles remain closed. They must use the inner gates. To make things interesting, each gate is programmed to randomly open or close each turn (50/50). No dropped weapons are allowed. These conditions can also be used for duelling.

Hornet's Nest: Each of the four outer sections will hold a duel of its own. When all four duels are done, obstacles four and three (on each side) will slide down, and the remaining contestants will fight in the center square.

Bizzaro World: Same as previous event, except that the surviving contestants will fight in the center square by driving in reverse!