Hot Asphalt Logo Shakeyes Arena - PR 1.5
Reno, Nevada

P. 24

Duellists have heaped considerable praise on the Shakeyes Arena. First-rate service and comfortable surroundings have drawn a loyal following of competitors, sponsors, and fan clubs. The arena management is rather discriminatory toward those with "bad reputations". Duelists with tainted records need not apply. Those with a high prestige are treated like royalty, but be prepared to be bumped and snubbed by higher-ranked players . . . seniority rules!. The arena can seat up to 10,000 screaming, maniacal spectators.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 50 feet high and 100 DP. The second level (shaded) is 15 feet high and can be accessed by cornered banks (-D1 to all maneuvers). The eight jumps are angled at 35 degrees and have 50 DP. Breaching a jump will cause it to crumble into debris. The center platform is 15 feet tall and is supported by four, indestructible ramps (the angle on each ramp is 14 degrees which is too low for jumping).

The inner walls are constructed out of lightweight, concrete pumice blocks which come in 1/2" by 1/2" cube sections. The walls can be easily breached (10 DP per 1/2" cubic section) and it is conceivable for a vehicle to break through an inner wall (see chart). However, there is the risk of getting stuck. A destroyed wall section leaves a pile of rubble which causes no damage to tires, but is a D1 hazard. Going through the complete wall breach is a D4 hazard. The substance is fireproof. When rammed, the inner walls will take full damage, but the ramming vehicle will only take half damage.

Damage 1d6 Penetration Chance of Getting Stuck
10-19 1/2" 1
20-30 1" 1-3
31-39 1 1/2" 1-5
40+ 2" Goes through, no die roll

If a vehicle fails to penetrate the wall, it becomes stuck. Turrets will be frozen in the position they were in before entering the wall while EWPs will be sheared off. Dischargers which contact the wall will be destroyed and activated bumper triggers will go off. After one full turn of being stuck, the driver can attempt to break free.

Getting unstuck can be done in two ways. The first way is blasting your way through with weapons fire (yours or by someone else) creating an escape tunnel. The second is trying to muscle your way out by shifting in reverse and hitting the accelerator. The chance of getting unstuck is 1-2 on 1d6. In case of failure, the contestant can try again on the next turn.
Arena Map:
Shakeyes Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday AADA Divisionals
Wednesday 2Fers/4Fers
Thursday Corporate Cup
Friday Special Events
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

Point Grabbing: This is a standard event in which points are awarded for certain actions.

Kill 5 points
Jump 1 point (6 maximum)
Target 1 point (6 maximum)
Damaging an opponent 1 point per ten points of damage. (Direct fire weapons only. Setting someone on fire, ramming, or dropped weapons don't count)
Shot accuracy 1 point per ten percent (round down) Must have fired at least ten times at non-dead, non-surrendered opponents.

2Fers/4Fers: Due to the arena's design, the Shakeyes can host several duels at one time (one contest per square or per arena half). Once each section has a winner, combatants can leave their section and into the other areas.