Hot Asphalt Logo Golden Nugget - PR 1.75
Las Vegas, Nevada

P. 23

The Golden Nugget is one of Las Vegas's premier casino arenas. High-tech wizardry and innovative engineering have bolstered the Nugget's reputation throughout the circuit. Duellists have given the facility high marks for its design, but have damned the arena's management for their unfair traps and higher-than-average body counts. The AADA is looking into the allegations.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 20 feet high and 80 DP. All interior obstacles are 10 feet high and are indestructible. During combat, all arena gates are left in the open position. The arena floor is divided into thirteen distinct zones, each one identified by number or letter. Each zone is subsequently divided into thirty-six modular blocks; the horizontal side represents the X-axis, the vertical side represents the Y-axis.
Arena Map:
Golden Nugget Map - 8.9K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Challenge Night
Wednesday AADA Divisionals
Thursday Corporate Cup
Friday Special Events
Saturday Team Events
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

Drop Out: Before this event begins, the referee must have two decks of standard playing cards (shuffled together, no joker cards) and 2d6 (each a different color).

At the end of each second, the referee draws one card. The referee will then locate the section where the card indicates and roll 2d6. The dice roll will determine what subsection will drop out of the playing field (however, aces are considered "safe" cards; nothing happens). Being 3/4 to completely on a dropping square will cause a contestant to drop through the arena floor. Being half on or less will cause a D5 hazard, 1d6 damage to the underbody, and 1d6-1 to the affected tire(s). The only exception to the rule is when a vehicle is half on the dropping square while facing into the hole. In this case, he/she will drop through. Re-roll the dice if an vacant subsection is chosen again.

To entice contestants to enter the danger areas, the referee can set up victory conditions that will force duellists out of the safety zone. Conditions such as a maximum time limit in the safety zone, bonus points, only allowing points to be scored in the danger areas, booby-trapping the safety zone or making the safety zone off limits (with the exception crossing it) could be used.

Underground Surprise: This is similar to the Drop Out scenario, but with one exception. Instead of the floor tiles dropping out, the tiles are sprayed with various dropped liquids and gases. Roll 2d6 and consult the chart below.

2 Cloud Bomb Smoke Screen
3 Flame Cloud
4 Ice
5 Oil
6 Flaming Oil
7 Flaming Oil
8 Oil
9 Ice
10 Flame Cloud
11 Cloud Bomb Smoke Screen
12 Roll again, ignore if 12 rolled again.