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Avoid this state unless you're on business or have no other choice. Years of regional feuding, harsh climate, food rioting, and raids from jefe warlords has made the populace extremely paranoid. The state is governed by an authoritarian clique. Feudal dictatorships keep a close watch on the public. Armed goon squads keep the peace. For your own protection, stay neutral on all local politics and keep your mouth shut.
Santa Fe

The center of New Mexico government, where intrigue, backstabbing, and shady dealings are commonplace. Outsiders should beware lest they get caught in a web of deceit. Duelling in Santa Fe is highly glamorized and brutal. Local arenas have the tendency to bring out the worst in people, as the crowds howl for blood and the fate of contestants often depends upon the whims of a select few.

In the early 2030s, the resurgent New Mexico state government ruthlessly expanded its reconstruction plans into neighboring Albuquerque. Instead of subtle "carrot-and-stick" incentives to bring the town into line, the governor petitioned the White House for massive firepower to take the town through brute force. The slaughter was immense. Today Albuquerque is a center of commerce; prosperous and on the road to stability. But many of the locals have deep resentments. Large numbers of security forces keep watch for signs of rebellion.

Alamagordo is a military town specializing in weapons research and Air Force training facilities. The local populace is trying to restart its once-successful tourist industry. Nearby mountain villages have cool summers, unexpectedly friendly attitudes, and great barbecue restaurants. Beautiful landscapes are a must-see.
Las Cruces

Avoid this town if possible. "Siege mentality" has made nerves frail and trigger fingers itchy. Local authorities have sweeping powers and frequently declare martial law . Civil defense militias regularly hand out draconian punishments; police and National Guard units aren't much better. Complaining will only get you deeper into trouble. For you own safety, keep your mouth shut and opinions to yourself.

Thanks to the selfless efforts of local Native Americans, Gallup has become a major success story. Leaders of the Navajo and Hopi tribes rejuvenated the former tourist center back to its profitable glory days. What was once a ghost town is now a thriving community of hotels, resorts, tourist centers, quaint little shops, and cultural diversity. If you need a safe resting area, Gallup is the place to be.