The Coliseum - PR 2
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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The Coliseum is a prime example of Governor Delcar's ambition and ego. When Autoduel America was going through its first arena construction craze, Delcar wanted a facility that would catch the eye of the autoduelling world. He got his wish. Top architects, ninety million dollars, and hard work produced one of the most visually appealing and historically accurate arenas in the country. The Coliseum attracts a large amount of tourists and sight-seers (tours are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Arena employees are dressed in Roman-Empire era garb.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 30 feet high and 70 DP. The upper level is 15 feet high and indestructible. It is possible to drive on the second level via the ramps (each have 30 DP). The VIP section is completely sealed off from the rest of the arena and is protected by a series of Armor-Plast (TM) barriers (300 DP). All arena gates are left open during combat.
Arena Map:
The Coliseum Map - 10.6K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday AADA Divisionals
Wednesday Vehicle of the Day
Thursday Division of the Day
Friday Exhibition Night / Special Events
Saturday Corporate Cup
Sunday Challenge Night

Arena Special Events:

Circus Maximus: This is a popular event in which several teams race around the arena oval. The two-man team consists of a cyclist and a passenger being pulled in a trailer (which looks like a Roman chariot). The first team to circle the arena five times with a live passenger is the winner. Only archaic weapons can be used and the cyclist (and his bike) cannot be targeted.

Siskel and Ebert: Spectators in the Coliseum are often the ones who will decide the fate of an unfortunate duellist. Whenever a contestant is at the mercy of another combatant, the crowd will signal its vote for life or death (thumbs up for life, thumbs down for death). When the Master of Ceremonies sees the consensus, he/she will vote accordingly to the crowd's wishes (but not always). His vote is final. Factors affecting the vote are the mood of the crowd, the loser's prestige, and the crowd's opinion of the fight. Nothing is certain when it comes to the vote. Even popular superstars have been put to death.

Gladiator Days: This event is a large, violent spectacle as dozens of competitors simultaneously slug it out in cheaply constructed vehicles (the type that would make a Killer Kart look like a battleship!). The state often uses this event to reduce its criminal population. The last survivor in each event is either pardoned or given a reduced sentence.